Sunday, 17 May 2015

Running with credit

Last week was a busy one and, although no winners came, it certainly wasn't a disaster as many ran with credit and showed signs that a win won't be far away.
Bethan made a great comeback from her tendon injury with a fine second at Wolverhampton. The winner won easily but she showed plenty of promise and looks a much stronger and more mature horse this year.
Silver Alliance once again did himself proud with a third at Bath. He needs to drop a couple of pounds in the handicap still but his turn to win isn't too far away.

Looking to this week, it won't be as busy but there is still plenty to keep me occupied.
Avidly has been very frustrating as she has lots of ability but getting it out of her is a problem! She seems to be very happy at home and looks fantastic in her coat so things look promising from my end.
Accompanying her to Lingfield on Wednesday will be Inauguration. She too hasn't quite shown what we think she's capable of yet but we galloped her in a tongue tie on Saturday and she seemed to be a lot more settled in it and really stuck her head out when asked to quicken so we'll give it a go and see if it has a positive effect.
Avidly (Tess), Dark Diamond (Nick - hidden) & Attain (Ross)

Inauguration (Adam) & Harry Bosch (Mark)

Veeraya (Megan) & Duke of Diamonds (Caitlin)

We tend to do well with the older horses we have and year in, year out, the yard favourites such as The Ducking Stool retain all their enthusiasm and win races. I'd like to think it's because we try and keep their routines varied and give them plenty to keep them mentally stimulated.
One thing we had never done though is go to the beach and, with it being only a short drive away to a horse-friendly beach, there was no reason not to. Handheld and Veeraya were the test dummies and they seemed to love it - paddling in the water and having a canter on the sand. The salt water is great for the feet and legs - some yards have spent thousands of pounds on a 'sea walker' but we had a free one! Hopefully we can have the time to make it a regular thing as the horses loved it.
Handheld & Veeraya go to the seaside

Bonnie keeps an eye on proceedings!


Although no one is among the winners yet, the competition standings are beginning to take some shape. There have been plenty of placed horses and it looks like it is going to be a tight competition all year!
Steve Moore 6
Julie Feilden 4
Allan Forster 3
Bill Burgess 3
Linda Wright 3
Stephen Broadley 3
Ros Cousens 3
Martyn Clark 3
Trevor Fuller 3
Dominic Lisle 3
Barry Hine 3
Malc Shields 3
Mark Rimmer 3
Geoff Roberts 2
Barbara Walton 2
Gordon Hill 2
Shelley Birkett 2
Adam Beschizza 2
Jim Stevens 2
Megan Digby Baker 2
John Birkett 2
Poppy Feilden 1
Brian Reilly 1
Eddie Partridge 1
Jonathan Kinge 1
Rita Aspland 1
Sam Feilden 1
Steve Springford 1
Ryan Moore 1
Julia Feilden 1
Liz Moore 1
Dave Morris 1
Paula Smith 1
Jason Coote 1
Sophie Collington 1
Steve Clarke 1
Chris Shirran 1
Phil Collington 1
Rachael Shucksmith 1
Rob Weston 1
Dave Barnett 1

+ Lots of others yet to score!

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